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From the Champagne Campaign to Rosé All Day, wine will never go out of style. We wine girls love wine and more importantly, the lifestyle that it brings. We invite you to celebrate the wine life with us, with a glass in one hand and a hair-toss in the other!
The Wine Girl  is a brand that uplifts and celebrates the advancement of professional women in the wine industry. Our message is that everyone has a seat and a glass at the table.
This lifestyle isn’t easy, there are many sobering days... yet we want to shine a positive light on the many different facets that makes this world wonderful and how we can ALL make it better.
We want to continuously celebrate the people who bring us up, hold us down, pave the way and just support this wine journey.

Wine Tastings

“They bring the Tasting Room experience to YOU!!!”

–Amanda Murphy, Santa Monica

Let The Wine Girl help you host a flawless event paired with exceptional wines that will leave you and your guests thirsty for more.

Somm Stories

Hi, I’m McKeel. Welcome to my happy place
Out of all the places you could be in this very moment, you are here with me…and I appreciate that, so Thank You. Connection is the heartbeat of our wine community which is why I wanted to create a platform that unites and uplifts a wine society that couldn’t be shut down during a pandemic.

JCB Confession
Gold Bracelet

Adorn yourself with JCB’s private jewelry collection with the Confession earrings.


2010 GALA Solid Gold

After initial separate fermentation, the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay were blended to highlight elegant flavors and subtle oak notes.


Riedel Degustazione Champagne Flutes

The perfect everyday champagne flute, made by Riedel for Boisset Collection with our logo on the foot of the flute.


Foreverness 2017
Napa Valley Chardonnay

Foreverness is a collection of wines from the Napa Valley that celebrate life’s most precious moments and milestones.


JCB Grape Cluster Cufflinks

Since ancient times, the grape has always been a symbol of romance, love, fertility, and vitality.


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Custom Labels

“A personalized front label
on an incredible bottle of wine
sends a message that will not be forgotten,
whether it is received as a gift
or poured at an event”

Custom Wine Labels

Create an unforgettable message that will impress
Perfect for weddings, graduations, milestones and corporate events. Enjoy exceptional wines branded with a personalized label that will distinguish your most special occasions.

Sommelier Stories


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