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I’m McKeel Thompson

Hi, I’m McKeel. Welcome to my happy place

Out of all the places you could be in this very moment, you are here with me…and I appreciate that, so Thank You. Connection is the heartbeat of our wine community. Wine unifies and brings people together which is why I wanted to create a platform that unites and uplifts a wine society that couldn’t be shut down during a pandemic.

I launched The Wine Girl soon after I realized that my small business, Beverly Hills Wine Tours founded in 2017, could not sustain the economic impact that left so many small businesses, including mine, unable to survive. The Wine Girl has become a place for 2.3 thousand followers to share, learn, and gain inspiration in our wine community.

The year 2020 has been nothing shy of a shit-show. Many of us, still, are navigating our way through unprecedented times with many uncertainties and aspirations that have been taken away by COVID-19. Although we are in uncharted territory, let us find ourselves in a familiar space with one another. A space that reminds us that we are all connected and that we are all one, just like the vine is to the soil and the vino is to the terroir.

My love and passion for wine has driven me to become a Sommelier and work in many facets of the industry from Wine Distributor to Wine Director. However, being a Boisset Ambassador has changed my life forever for one reason: YOU
Thank you for joining me. I raise my glass, grateful, to be able to unify with hundreds of women and men… even when those spaces happen to be in Happy Hour Virtual Tasting Rooms!

McKeel lives on Westlake Island in California with her Fiancé Dave Thompson.

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Astrological Sign

Cancer, Moon Child

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Amarone della Valpolicella

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Bruno Mars


Any Beyoncé Song (I break into full Karaoke)

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Not accepting ‘No’ as an answer

Hidden Talent

Double Dutch Queen

Proudest Accomplishment

NFL Speech Double State Champion



I believe

Sip by sip we loosen our inhibitions and come closer to our truth.


Three Ways to Work with McKeel



Personal Sommelier available for Wine Tastings, Private Events and Speaking Engagements



Beverage Program Consulting and Wine List Management



How to Monetize your Wine Knowledge

Learn with McKeel

One of the most frequent questions I get asked as a Certified Sommelier is, “How did you become a Sommelier?” It’s true. Growing up as a beer-and-burger-kinda-gal in the Midwest, wine was so foreign to me and I honestly was quite intimidated by the whole thing. But one day, a Saint poured what tasted like heaven into my glass and began to see wine as a passport into a whole new world full of culture, luxury and style. I invite you to travel with me as I share my experience with you in these online courses that covers everything from Sommelier Secrets to crafting a brand identity.

Food & Wine Pairing

Entertain with Confidence and be the Expert in the Room

Path to Purpose

Creating a wine business outside the Restaurant that will last

Behind the Scene

Our Life

I am studying for my level 3 Advance Sommelier Course and studying for my level 4 WSET diploma. I love building a community and bringing people together over great wine. I enjoy heading up to Napa Valley and frolicking through the vineyards, a place where I call home.

McKeel’s Best Friend Dave

They met at a wine tasting. She was pouring the wine and he was drinking it. Five years later, they are still happily consuming together. Their love for fine dining and travel are greatly challenged by Covid-19, but Dave’s uncanny ability to see the best in any situation remains the beacon of light that keeps McKeel smiling through.

Our Fur Baby

Meet Cognac… our fur baby. He is a 3rd generation mini- Labradoodle from Indiana with a heart of gold. He loves to cuddle and play wrestle at the dog park. He loves to stare us down with those soft brown eyes until we literally melt with Ooohhs and Awwws.

Our Liquid Babies

As Fine Wine collectors, we enjoy a good story that connects the soul to the vineyard. Our wine room holds precious memories, some yet untold, and we treasure our bottles like babies because they bring so much joy to us and others.

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