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The Wine Girl  is a brand that uplifts and celebrates the advancement of professional women in the wine industry. Our message is that everyone has a seat and a glass at the table.
We want to continuously celebrate the people who bring us up, hold us down, pave the way and just support this wine journey.
This lifestyle isn’t easy, there are many sobering days... yet we want to shine a positive light on the many different facets that makes this world wonderful and how we can ALL make it better.



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Creative Director & Founder

McKeel Thompson

Out of all the places you could be in this very moment, you are here with me…and I appreciate that, so Thank You. Connection is the heartbeat of our wine community which is why I wanted to create a platform that unites and uplifts a wine society that couldn’t be shut down during a pandemic.

I launched The Wine Girl soon after I realized that my small business, Beverly Hills Wine Tours founded in 2017, could not sustain the economic impact that left so many small businesses, including mine, unable to survive. The Wine Girl has become a place for others to share, learn, and gain inspiration in our wine community.

Meet the Team

McKeel Thompson

Founder of the Wine Girl

Jean-Charles Boisset

Founder of the Boisset Collection

Cassandra Melhuish

Director of the Ambassador Program

Laurie Turner

Manager of Sales

Stephanie Putnam

Director of Winemaking

Clare Tooley MW

Vice President of Guest Experiences



A community of passionate wine enthusiast. The Wine Girl team, exclusively partnered with Jean-Charles Boisset Collection, is comprised of savvy entrepreneurs and industry experts, bringing together years of experience to the team. They cultivate our strong culture, and work tirelessly to help the program scale, grow, and succeed.



We celebrate the lifestyle where WINE, LIFE and STYLE meet. We invite you to join our luxury wine lifestyle! Our personality, identity and style make each of our wine journeys unique. It is also the underlining thread that connects us, brings us together, and allows us to share our l’art de vivre or the art of life. We exclusively partnered with Jean-Charles Boisset (the James Bond of Wine) to offer you a rewarding career in the world of wine. Represent the exceptional Boisset Collection of wine as a Boisset Ambassador and start pouring your passion into an unparalleled direct sales opportunity.


Our Wines

We offer Boisset Collection wines because the quality and taste is pure, authentic, and truly delicious. For decades, the Boisset family has been committed to achieving organic and Biodynamic® designations at all of its family vineyards.


Our Lifestyle

We celebrate all things wine style related from – Exclusive Wine Events, Wine Tastings, Gifts, Glassware, Jewelry to Home Accessories. The wine world is never ending! Shop and explore our fun lifestyle…


Our Clients

We partner with Charities, Chefs, Wedding Planners, Corporate Event Coordinators, Real Estate Professionals to answer all your wine needs. We offer Corporate Gifting, gatherings or Private events. Our sommeliers will impress your guests, but our wines will do all the talking. Browse some of our most popular tasting experiences here.


Connection is the heartbeat of our wine community which is why I am proud to be an Ambassador for the Boisset Collection. This community connects me to not only great wines, but to great people. I invite you to explore this amazing wine lifestyle with me with a glass in one hand and a hair toss in the other! As a Certified Sommelier by the Court of Masters -Americas and a WSET III wine educator, having access to authentic, terroir driven wine that reflects a sense of place enables me to learn and grow in my wine journey.


Jean-Charles Boisset serves as president of Boisset Family Estates, one of the world’s leading family-owned wine companies, with wineries in Burgundy, Beaujolais, the Rhone Valley, the South of France, and expertise in French sparkling wines.


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After joining the Boisset family in May of 2012 with the launch of Boisset Wine Living, Laurie has been integral in helping grow the program from its infancy. As the Manager of the Sales Support Team, she oversees the operational aspects of the business and takes great pleasure supporting the growing team of Ambassadors as well as their customers and wine society members.

Laurie has a diverse background of experiences, but her primary focus has been on customer care and office management. Her strengths in operations management, field marketing, team-building and corporate training and development all enable her to tackle the most challenging of circumstances with ease. She has over ten years of experience in the wine industry and over eight years in Internet technology.

Stephanie Putnam

  • Director of Winemaking, Raymond ViIneyards
  • Alum of Far Niente Winery and Hess Collection
  • Known in particular for her exceptional Cabernet Sauvignons and blends
  • Wines awarded: Wine Spectator’s Top 100, Wine Enthusiast’s Top 100 and many more accolades